Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stripes on checkered

  Do you still remember when was the first time you did a composition? :) My new English prof asked us, "What's the difference between Paragraphs and Compositions?". Nobody's raising his/ her hand. I think hard. "Ang paragraph ay may sentences. Ang composition ay may paragraphs." Still no one's answering our prof. "Okay, how about paragraphs first?"  I raised my beautiful hand, lol. " A paragraph is consist of several sentences." I didn't answer what's in my mind. I'm so regretting because what's exactly in my head that time is what our prof noted us. 

 I don't have fixed thoughts. Did you notice there's a clash from my first sentence here in this blogpost and the following ones? I planned to talk about "TITLES". I never follow the rule in writing. I always think of titles first before proceeding to chikas and eklabus of my life. Yes and I suddenly opened the topic about not doing what's really inside of me. My example right here is so lame so that those not lame situations I have won't be revealed here. Haha! I tend to do the "playing safe" mode in my life. I'm not a person who always take risk. I first consult everybody before I do something.  I can relate it to my ootd because, education is our ticket to a better future! HAHAHA. Just cracking a huge joke. LOL. I opted to something different for today. Something not a dress still I can be a scene stealer. You can never go wrong with prints. Check your closet and maybe you're missing out this kind of style. HAHA. Don't get me wrong like, Wow si ate feeling fashion expert. What I'm highlighting is, look for your old clothes or napaalis sa magandang patas na damit kaya dapat hanapin problem. Girls always be like, WHAT TO WEAR?! Always look for the brightest side of your life. Appreciate the things you have. Take good actions. Learn from your mistakes. Find for a goal. Set your standards high. Pray. :) 

Patricia <3