Thursday, 7 November 2013

Life after death isn't death. It's still life.

Death is part of a normal cycle of human beings. I've always been curious about life after death. Whenever I hear, read and watch documentary stuffs about it, I always over think about it. It scares me. Just like what I learned in Greek mythology, there are Gods before-birth, duration of life and death. I only forgot their greek names. People have different beliefs. From my grandmother's 10 days of wake, I learned a lot. Yes, that's why my blog was in hiatus for a week. I didn't expect my vacation will be like this. She will be missed and always loved. She can rest in peace now. She won't suffer anymore. God will take care of her in heaven. I'm grateful that she's my grandmother. I'm proud of my roots of where I came from. They say, you can't choose a family. God only can. If I'll be choosing a family in another life, I will always choose them all over again. There's no forever as long as we're not with God. I can still remember what my teacher told us in class, "Family is where we have good memories especially in the past." 

I will always treasure those violet bills you used to give me! I will never forget how yummy your luto was ( those eggs with malunggay and misua meal every lunch ), those nights you used to fart loudly!!! Sometimes I consider my memory low but I can still remember things that no one could ever do. I hope to see you in the future, there, in heaven. ( Always dream of going there when I die. I think it's everybody's dream destination. )  Nanay,  you will stay forever here in our hearts. May you rest in peace. 🙏

Patricia <3