Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hiatus Thoughts

  HAHAHA DRUMROLLS FOR THE QUEEN OF HIATUS IN BLOGGING, please! I've been neglecting this blog because I feel so tired and all. Sometimes you'll see yourself saying, "Damn you all. I quit." I think having a good break is very important to everybody. :D So, I got pictures from my instagram ( @fiercepatrice ) because I didn't take photos last Sunday. I made a photo collage after my more than one week rest! 1.) We bought a shake near the cemetery this afternoon. It's so cute. I think I'm inlove with green again! Hashtag, first year highschool feels! I can still remember my green pants + greenbag = ootd. HOW BADUY! lol 2.) OH! I'm so happy my mom bought these two for me :) I've been suffering to I-DONT-HAVE-GOOD-SLIPPERS and JEEZ-NO-RING feelings! lol 3.)  We had a good merienda prepared by the one of the best cook I know on Earth, Ninang Mila. They said it's an advance birthday treat for my Papa. Hahaha. K! 3.) I've been a follower of Cara Delevingne. It was only today that I discovered that she's a bisexual. I still love her tho. I love her weirdness especially her annoying wacky poses! lol 4.) I LOVE ALL OF THEM. THEY ARE SO CLOSE TO PERFECTION. EVERYTIME I LOOK AT THEM, I WAS LIKE... I DON'T WANT TO EAT FOR A LIFETIME FROM NOW ON. Candice is my favorite VS ANGEL. Miranda still got the best face ever... huhuhu. Dreams. Lol. 5.) Christmas is everywhere. I just want to share what happened this morning. I didn't mind the christmas lights I wrapped around the christmas tree. I was choosing over pink, orange or red again motiff for it. I chose pink ofcourse. I lighted the christmas lights, wow! Exact, man! hihihi. I call it, destiny. <3 5.) I gained so much from the sembreak. Imagine how mountainous my rice were!! Especially on dinners. It's like a meal of a guy. I don't know. The food isn't that delish ( fish all week! Who's familiar with tambakol? yeah! ) So inch by inch my tummy's getting back to normal. Thanks to VS ANGELS OUT THERE AS MY BIGGEST INSPIRATIONS! HAHAHA. 6.) It's a good quote for everybody to read. Stop chasing so much. Do something for your what you have in present. :) 7.) My everyday watch, swatch. Still wishing for a baby-g. Haha. My favorite flavor of clinique perfumes! Wild flowers. It's almost half a bottle. I'm figuring out how will I survive if it emptied! Huhuhu OA OVERLOAD HAHAHA :)))) There! It's so good to be back. I'm always online naman. My tweets and insta posts are unstoppable. Haha!! Now, I'm off to a long night of catching up from our Accounting ppt.  So far so good profs! Love it :) Have a good night guys!

Patricia <3