Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sequins, Secrets and Silver linings

  It's funny how I do an advance flashback over things that happened this year. Few more days to go and 2014 is about to cover the world. I mean, I'm already thinking of thoughts I will include for my goodbye 2013 blogpost! Haha. I hate myself for being futuristic, I even shared it to class. HAHAHA. According to what I've learned in Psychology last sem, people who think so much of future are smart ones! I have a huge chance for being one! Lol. Today, I opted for my kind of fashion look! I usually wear tight jeans, tank top, blazer and my signature booties. 


  I would like to thank a lot of people on this blogpost. First, big thanks to all fans of Manny Pacquaio who are really watching on their houses and feels like holiday that cause me to have confidence to have photos again outside the mall. Hihihi! Second, I already sent a message to my Tita Claribel for sending me cozy tops! I'm wearing Charlie Russe tank top. Yay. It reminds me of a book I didn't finish back in 4th year high school! It's entitled, "Sequin, secrets and Silver linings." I saw it near the front desk. The book is so attractive and too girly for me not to grab it. Too bad, I have to return it because I can't finish it in a week only. Life was so hard that time but I have to say life is harder now. I still have 3 books to read! :( We'll have two days  of no classes this week and the whole next week too! I'm half happy and sad. Happy because I can have plenty of time to rest and no baon. Aroys. Lastly, my mom who took all the pictures from my #SmartLTEIphone5s HAHAHA JUST KIDDING. JUST BEING VERN&Vernice, Lance De Ocampo and other fashion bloggers. Lol!! I'm so excited this December! My sizes are... Shoes: 8 or 9; Tops: Medium; Bottoms: 27; Strawberries; I love stuff toys; Barbie stuffs; Books; I MEAN ANYTHING. I just love presents. I want lots of it. :) 

Patricia <3