Friday, 22 November 2013

To the next level

  This week has been a tiring one as ever. A week where a "That moment when you realize how college life is exhausting your inner soul... inch by inch." HAHAHA. I'm not frightening those graduating high school students! Just stating a mere fact! :P. Second sem is really a bigger challenge for me this time. I'm like, YEAH! If I finish this, 8 sems to go! Don't lose hope! I will never give up on having an imeldific business! haha I guess, I'm just bombarded of tiring vibes this week! I planned to do something different these coming weekends! I'll change my body clock, unfollow so many international and local celebrities in Instagram so that I won't be stuck there forever and etc. >:D< 

Finally done reading "Chicken soup for the soul." I suddenly remembered my 2nd year English teacher. She always encourages all of us to read good books. She even required us to share one book in front of the class. I shared a girly book which I think is very familiar to everyone, Princess in the Spotlight. I put all my effort in that project. I can still recall she included me in the list of students who will participate in the literature challenge for the English week. I WAS LIKE, NO. HAHAHA. I don't personally read books, before! Just like what Zayn said in Best song ever music video, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. Hahaha. I considered joining it first, for experience. Second, my classmates are too convincing for my life. Third, UHM DAHIL SA KAPARTNER. HAHAHAHA. :") My favorite lines to be shared only here! :) 

Life is too short to hide affection
- From the "ON PARENTING" part. Sometimes, we tend to hide everything that's running in our minds from our parents. At times, we forget to say thankyou and I love you to them. I was moved from a short story about a son and father. His father was so busy from tons of work and business related things. That day, the father realized how worthless he is because he doesn't have any time for his only son. He talked to his son and told how much he loves and cares him. They both cried. The son told him that he's about to committ a suicide but thank God, he went fine. Imagine? Our guardian angels are always present. If you love someone, tell it and show it. Life is really short.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It's doing what it takes despite one's fear.
- My interpretation for this quote is, example. My mum said that my Dad is a coward person too. I mean, I never notice it. I haven't seen him cry. Really. For me, he's the bravest man in the world. I remembered an article about why it's embarassing for a guy to drop tears. Why are they so brave. Haha. I can still recall a very bad dream about a witch and my bffs! I was so scared that time. Katabi ko pa sa pagtulog ama ko. Kwinento ko. Wag daw matakot! HAHA. My interpretations are so plain and shallow. This quote also supports, "You'll feel bad for yourself to the things you didn't do rather than the things you did."  Take chances. Believe in yourself. You can do it. 

I only took 2 quotes because I want you to find a chicken soup book too. It's super duper good. Napaisip talaga ako noong dati ko siya narinig. 3 years ago maybe. WTF is the book title?! Is this some other kind of cooking recipe? lol. When do we usually eat a chicken soup? When we're sick? Stress? Fungry? Bored? Happy? Chicken soup is a food for soul. Adios amigas! 

P.S. I wrote the latter part several weeks ago! medyo may clashing! haha

Patricia <3