Sunday, 18 May 2014

Summer treat

  School is just few weeks away so I thought of buying myself a gift, sunnies! I don't know if I'll be happy or sad about school but I want to study accounting already. Naks, bait. HAHA. I was watching the heirs and corporation terms are showing ( Major shareholder, voting shares, foreign shareholders, shares and everything that will make your head aches. ) Nevertheless, I really have to savor the remaining weeks because everyday puyat and wakes up regretful. I bought sunnies that looks like Cheon Song Yi's and kyeopta facial wash I saw in Watson's ( they're on sale till today so hurry and look for best buys! ). Yay. I have to admit that I did convert myself into kpop huhu but this will last till vacation only just like last summer vacation, lol. I'm just sad that my left foot is not yet okay. Forever crying. I won't write that much here because I'm saving my thoughts for my the heirs reflection. Hahaha. Hope you like my look. Thankyou for dropping by :) :)

Patricia <3