Wednesday, 7 May 2014


  Hooray for my buena mano blogpost with the new look of LYV, Buqo! This isn't my first time to advertise here in my blog since some of my friends request for a plug blog post but definitely it's a bit of pressure because it's an app and big time as well. 

  So what is Buqo? It's not your favorite milkshake nor the song of Jireh Lim. Lol. It is a Filipino Digital bookstore app where you can download your favorite Filipino reads with just a swipe or tap of your finger anytime and ofcourse, anywhere! 

 It's now available on androids too so what are you waiting users, download it now for free! 

 I, myself, tried it also and see what's the fuss all about! I'm a big fan of reading and I think what's the cool stuff nowadays is everybody's into reading. Buqo app is so convenient to use because you can carry it on your phone with less hassle of buying it outside. Stylized tho <3

  Just another plug! Buy my cousin's book, He's dating the Ice Princess!! Yay! I can't believe Buqo app has it all! Couldn't be more proud of my cousin tho :D

My favorite teen mag, candy! This is where my ideas in fashion, blogging, reading and etc. got better! I love the cover because she's my favorite. I was really going to buy like my 20k is ready to be burned and then suddenly, things went fast and yeah, no more tickets for me. Okay, that's totally as if. HAHAHA. I will just buy a cornetto and pray.

  There's a preview button so I think this time I'll survive without buying candymag every month irl! Hahaha. To all Swifties there, you should buy this Month's cover! Much better if you will buy it in Buqo because just like me, I always bring my hard copy of Candymag and discuss ( discuss talaga! Haha ) it with my cousin, Jen. :) You know that's one of my struggles in life. Lol. No fanfares, no metaphors. Finally, Buqo is there to make things easy and worthy. Make reading a habit because a healthy mind is more fashionable than a pretty face and body. What are you waiting for, go to your app store and download Buqo now! Like their Facebook page and Twitter

Patricia <3