Monday, 12 May 2014

Bloggers United 7 x Sunsilk

  Finally, the long wait is over! It took me several years ( several talaga ) to attend one so I think I ticked off one of my bucket list. BU7 was held last May 10 in Metrotent, Metrowalk Ortigas. 

  Bloggers United is where fashionistas, readers and bloggers are gathered to have a meet and greet, bazaar, experience different booths and etc.

 Mikyle Quizon of! :)
   Okay, meet my everything in local fashion blogging!!!!! OMGGGGGG VERN pls. I can still recall the first time I saw her in candy and immediately checked out her blog!!!! I tweeted her about my fan girling and she always replies to me. It started in 2011 so it's been 3 years of addiction. Hahaha. As a die hard fan, I came to visit in her oldest blog in tumblr and realized that everyone starts in low position. I think I'm the very first person to ask for a picture :) I was with Bianca when I saw her with his brother! She's so pretty in person, I swear. Her voice, "Oh! Sure! :)". Can I be that girl with a very fab voice please?

   With Cher Lui Pio of sister of Laureen's boyfriend. Hahaha. Okay medyo intrigera ako sa description. Haha.

  Meet my future husband! No jokes. Okay. HAHAHAHA. I remember when Shaira and I are planning to marry him just to be part of the Enciso family. I know it's crazy but being Vern and Verniece' hipag? Do I still have a choice?! Hahahaha. Kidding but he's really cute in person. To be honest, yes. Feeling ko nga sobrang bagay namin dyan sa picture na yan. Hays. Grabe. Love begins with one picture! Charot. I think, I'm the first person to ask him for a picture because I waited for him to come out since they're very busy in putting up their booth. He's helping his sisters to set up their booth, talk about turn on. :)

  With Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer. She's the favorite of my cousin, Sofia! :) That's how influential I am to Jen and Sofia. They got to love what I love. Lol. Her gym skills in instagram videos are so amazing and intense! Yay.

  With the ever kulit David Guison of DG MANILA because of our funny selfies! I asked my friend Bianca to take a picture of us through my phone when suddenly she said, "May natawag!". David laughed!!! He said, "Cancel mo muna yan." Hahahaha. I was clueless kasi ang wrong timing naman. Btw, it's my Dad. Lol.

  With Jen's favorite, Verniece. She's so pretty, nuff said. :) 

   Hays, sige wacky pa friends. Kidding. Haha. 

  You can't sit with us. Just kidding again. I wanna be the Vern 5 in their family. Obviously yes. Fantasies can sometimes happen! Haha. 

  Visit their blog V<3V. They will release a lifestyle diary book next Month so look who's going to buy. :)

  With Dani Baretto of Style is Eternal. :)

  Thanks to Bianca for taking pictures, gift hunting and letting me stay in her place. We had a non-stop chikahan ever since nasa byahe. Medyo sumakit throat ko, promise. Shh lang tayo girl. Haha. We were with Shaira and her cousins too that day. We only forgot to take a picture together!! I remember that night when I called Shaira over the phone, " Shaira, paano tayo bukas pag-uwi? Wait!!! Bakit wala tayong picture?! Hindi naman tayo magkagalit diba?! Hahahaha!!" 

Haha! She's the girl I'm playing with while we're on the bus going to Quaipo route. Super traffic kasi  eh bored ako and I love kids so why not play. :)) I told Bianca about this picture and she said, ako pala daw salarin kung bakit tumatayo yung bata dahil nagalit na Lola and Mommy niya. Alam nyo yun, pag nakaharap parents nung baby, hindi ko pinapansin pero pag wala nilalaro ko. Haha. Lakas trip. Js. =)) 

  We bought this for 80 pesos as our entrance for BU7. We have lots of shampoo here so I'm selling it for the same amount. Just pm me if you want to save for 50 pesos. Business line students be like.  Hahaha. The whole BU7 was really fun! Till next time fashion bffs! This is totally one of the high lights of my vacation! Summer 2014 is so far the best because it's worthy.  :D

Patricia <3