Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Year ender

     Hiiii readers! Well, obviously this will be my last blogpost for 2014! I can't believe it that in few hours we have to face another year of wonderful life. It's December 31 and if you're currently working on the office, ah! You'll have premium on your payroll and it's where the accountants do the adjusting entries for the ending inventory! OMG. HAHAHA. Here's what I wore last Christmas. We usually celebrate in my father's side since birth haha! Afterwards we go to Soro-soro Ibaba where the team Bagui mostly live! Hint: In few months, we'll move out to that place so right now I'm savoring Sta. Rita's neverending traffic. Lol. Couldn't be more thankful to all the relatives who gave money to me. So far, so big. I swear. I didn't expect it because I'm already old to receive such but nevertheless I'm so grateful and promise to give back when I get a good pay too! This will be the first year that I won't share my new year's resolution because I think it would be the same as last year and I realized that sometimes you have to keep things to yourself or chosen people only. Pa-showbiz simpleng new year's resolution?! Duh!! Hahaha. Special people received my Christmas messages so expect that I won't be sending anymore this New Year. I think I sent 7 people. Yieee. I'm so kinikilig! <3 Maybe I'll focus on eating ( I gained weight so much but I will deprive myself from food sooner, not born to be fat okay hello work out ) or internet-ing this time. Hahaha! Too bad, I've read that ox won't be so lucky this 2015. It says no to lovelife and business. These 2 aspects that I've always been concerned of. Love and money!! HAHAHAHA. No comment. I believe in Feng sui ( because my eyes are singkit, not ) because I think I was really born a chinese in my past life because God knows how much I value money ( close friends know that!!! Yiee again! ) but our destiny depends on our decisions as well. We might not get what the heart wants ( selena gomez pa more haha ) but deep down, it's God's will. Maybe, I would just buy charms haha and pray! Sending my greetings of a happy new year to all of you, everyone I see from my reader's engine... USA, France, Philippines, UAE, Indonesia, Germany, UK and more, thank you for still visiting this blog even though I've been slacking off as a blogger, thank you!! Happy 2015! :)

Patricia <3