Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Lost Castles

Lost Castles

How easily and quickly love turns to hate.
One glance. One word and what once was warm is now an iced knife cutting and tearing.
A winter wind blowing through the cavity left raw.

What has happened to us? We used to be young and full of love and play.
Now we’re old, hard, bitter and not yet 30.
My heart is ice. Your words are flame. Searing my soul. Making ashes of me. Ashes of us.

How did this happen. How did this become us?
I’m lost in the dark searching for a kind face, a kind word, a familiar touch. A safe place. Home.
But only shards glare back. Silence.

We have lost our way. Each other.
Both out in the cold. Exiled. Walking a lonesome road covered with broken memories and guilty fragments.
Where did we go wrong? How did we come to this? Where do I go? Where are you going?

My heart is hollow. Wretched. Hard. Hours of darkness plod on. I have no sight of the way out.
When was it that we lost our grace?

Can we find a way back? I want to find a way back.
How easily a castle can be destroyed. 

Hi readers! Sharing you what I got from thought catalog. As a person who overthinks at night, I read and read till I get sick of it. I always think of what does it take to become like this and this and that. I try to scrutinize every detail in my mind of which really matters in life. There will be days that you'll wake up happy and giddy and the other way around. Change is inevitable but I think it's not an excuse for things to go wrong. The best thing that oneself can consider is breathe. It will be fine sooner and later. The least thing to do this time is to worry. OKAY. So much for the drama because it's Christmas!! HAHA! I opted for a lumot color outfit. Moss green would always be part of my favorite colors in fashion because of Kate Moss. HAAHAHAHHA. Hey, i'm joking!!! HAHAAHA but seriously, it's really true. Now, i'm  so addicted to gray and silver. Can I marry a color? Will you be my color? The one who will add color in my life? AAHHAHAAH. The real drama is... I have a big fat face like please big fat no. Walang kakaen!!!! :( That's why I hate vacations!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Merry Christmas!!!! In 2 days, yes woops!!!

Patricia <3