Sunday, 7 December 2014

I is the start of everything

I pressed my ring finger to start this with "I". I was too hesitant because it's not good as an introduction. 
You could step on the stage by a sound, quotation or a song. You know what's the saddest part about writing or even living?
It when a rule exists. Sometimes, you guide yourself with it but luckily are those who can. If there's a classification about two people, I would always be the uncommon one.
I have different opinion from things and beliefs. If I don't like something today, I don't think I can adore it for the rest of the days.
I hate people. I have high expectations from the books and movies that I have read and watched. If I like you, be good.
"Your main issue is trust." How could you trust someone without knowing everything what's running inside his neurons? 
I would insist to find how someone spends his bills and saves for the future use. I will be childish if someone likes what I hate.
It's theoretically amazing when history repeats itself like how are you going to take risk if you know it wouldn't work just like before.
But what I have realized that it's never wrong to start with, "I" because I'm the only one who knows what's best for myself. 
Trust starts with oneself too. If we didn't trust ourselves, we can never appreciate somebody's existence. 

  Hahaha! Here's a simple drama as the raindrops tickle my ears. We've been experiencing bed weather for the past few days so please, go away Ruby. We don't like you here! :P Thanks for dropping by! Stay safe.

Patricia  <3