Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas wishlist 2014

Hiii! Finally found my time to have a sit and face the screen to blog again! I'm so happy!! :) This time, I will share the things that I want to get this Christmas even though I already got some of them. Thank you!!! I think the best thing that you can do to the person you love is just to ask them what they really want so that they won't get disappointed. Being spontaneous is nice but I now prefer to fulfill someone's wish. So here it goes!! :D

  Just anything in chanel please my Lord ( I could be this girl if I see a chanel store in front of me, I call it public display of fash obsession) , Iphone 6 or 6 plus another pls pls,  new black bag pls ( any brand but if I'd insist, Celine pls pls ), i love barbie just any!!! and huhu this is a must for me, apple headset was broken :( and you wouldn't want to see my charger as well :(( Im so sad :(( Just realized how pretty my gift to Shaira's debut last time i want the same color as well pls, kate spade keds... i'll cry if I don't get to have or save money for this next year. I'll think I was punished for my lifetime haha pls. Mac lipstick!!! :( I always tell myself that yeah gotta starve myself to get one but it's hard... so cozy. OKAY but in the end I wish to apply what I've learned from my business course especially finance :( better save money so that my father and I won't argue and my future self will thank me. Excuse the you part, whoever gets it, so be it. HAHAHA! Lastly, happiness. I realized that we all have different happiness in life. For others, they will be happy to get clothes but for me, receiving eye brow make ups and lipstick is everything. Again, my sizes are... 9 in shoes ( size 7 in american size ) 27 in waistline huhu haha ( monkey?! lol ) and medium!Thanks thanks. I like strawberry flavored stuff. HAHA. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3 :* Merry Christmas!!!!!! Love you all!