Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Reasons why this friendship will last forever

  It was our 4th Annual Accounting Congress held at Enchanted Kingdom last November 23, 2014. For those who are curious about what are we doing in this event, it's a seminar where accounting or business students are gathered and the best speakers give advices and answer questions about our the-struggle-is-real moments in school. It's my 2nd time of attending this seminar so thank you Lord. :D


     I already told this in my blog several times before that God knows how much I'm thankful that he answered my prayers before I enter college. I can still remember what I exactly said, "Sana po yung barkada. Yung marami. Yung masaya. Sana may isang beki. Tapos atleast may makaclose ako na boys or what. Sana po tropa tropa chill at yung balance ang buhay na hindi puro aral. Lord kayo na po bahala." Then he gave me these people. God is really good. :) I wonder what he'll give me in the future... hahaha. I understand why things aren't the same as before. God knows how much demanding I am so yeah, I don't mind waiting for the right guy as long as he is good looking and rich. I can wait!! HAHAHAHAH. Just kidding,

1. We are all different

  They say for you to get along with someone or people, you better have similarities and things in common. I don't think it's really true because what I've realized is we are all different. Ang alam ko lang is lahat kami baliw. Boom panes. Boom bading si Monie!!! :))))

2. Everyone cooperates
   When we're together, it's either we accomplish things at the possible fastest way or we didn't finish anything. LOL. 

3. We talk all things under the sun without hiya hiya

  Yes this is so true for us. We always talk about the current news and express our own opinions about it. We also talk about random things. I don't know if it's still necessary to share it here but just think of the feces and more. Yup. HAHAH.

4. We value money a lot

  I never brought food for lunch in high school and this college pa talaga nauso sa amin. Haha! Perks of being an Accountancy student lol

5. We are bully people

  WE ARE. Be ware of us. Hihihi. Bullying is actually bad that's why I feel bad rn. :( Monie and I are like pag may nakakasalubong na gets nyo na, "Friend crush mo!" Hahahahaha. And also, "Friend, bestfriend mo!" Alam na this, right?

6. Everybody's crazy
   I'll rank them as crazy but I can't rank how close I am to them. For me the craziest is... Almira! Ala basta kung ano ano nalalaman nyan. Hahahaha! Monie is the second. Bading kasi yan, alam nyo ba?? Sana informed kayo hahahahaha. Love u bes! Glesh is the third one. Si Glesh, pasimple lang yan magpatawa. Sa lahat ng joker, siya yung natural. Basta pag si Glecie nakasama mo, mauutas ka. Hahahaha. Joice is the next one na laging lipad ang utak at isa sa mga taong mahirap makontento especially sa buhok. Haha! Tapos pati ang mag GFs. kapag may pinagtatawanan habang nagsasagot or something. Ahihihi. XD Last but not the least, Mattiaz!! LOL. He's that kind of friend you'll see a comment in your instagram post at 4 am hahaha, what is adik sa dota. Lol, we miss you Bes!! Natatawa ako sa pagdedescribe sa kanilang lahat. Lol, love you guys!

7. Leaving behind isn't an option

8. Sharing is not a must, it's automatic.
   Pagkain mo, pagkain ng lahat. 

9. Not an ordinary everyday
  Hindi nakakasawa gawin ang mga bagay kapag sila ang kasama tulad ng tumawa. HAHAHAHA.

10. Adventures make us closer

  More trips to come mga bes, love you all mwa. Haha

11. Challenge in studies

  Bakit po ang tatalino nila. I feel so Moron when I'm with them. T_T Mga bes, I'm so thankful to have you all in my life. I always look forward in going to school everyday just to be with you all and to study and laugh about life. Thank you :) I love you all. No more long messages here pero alam ko na swerte natin because we found each other and I know for the coming years kapag tayong lahat ay may work na and successful, alam ko mas malayo pa ang mararating natin. I love you guys. Salamat seryoso. 

Patricia <3