Friday, 7 November 2014

Black and White challenge

  Hello everyone! I missed blogging a lot. I was pre-occupied by school and vacation but this time I promise to be active again. I've been dressing in black and white lately and I think it will continue till I get sick of it. I love my new printed leggings from Forever21 which I matched to my stripped top from Candies. I'm still grateful that I'm wearing shoes already, woah! Thank God because I missed my black sneakers from Keds. I will be also forever inlove with my chanel-like bag from Girbaud. These babies will be taken good care of in my wardrobe as long as I live. Haha! Holidays are everywhere and I can't wait to spend it with my family and friends for the coming days. I'm so excited for the coming events and to those who will arrive from abroad! I can't wait to tick off my new goals in my bucket list! Thanks for dropping by here in my blog. Somebody suggest some topics for my next blogposts? I would love to hear your comments! :)

Patricia <3