Friday, 3 October 2014

Happy in all version

It could be Pharell's, your status, maybe the tooth paste ( im joking in this part ) or probably my old favorite song from Meteor Garden. :) Right now what I want to do is to dance and sing my heart out! I've been torturing myself for the past few days and I can't believe i'm actually missing out a lot. I'm always preoccupied by school works, accounting, sns accounts and more that I realized in myself that I'm not happy anymore to what I'm doing in my life. Remember the book that I've bought before I enter this sem? I still haven't finished it. I have no time to read magazines anymore but i get to read news in yahoo pa naman :) I'm so stressed obviously that I'm already neglecting the real meaning of life as a blessing. I want to apologize to myself because I always come home depressed about school. Even if I'm sleeping, I still dream of school and my studies. Konting konti na lang maluluka na ako diba? Ahaha! But praise God I've learned from pragmatism in our Philosophy lesson that knowledge can be put into work, can be worked out and IT WORKS! Thanks to Charles Shander Peirce and William James :)) I realized that I've been so good to this and I think all I can do is to do well not HARD. But I'm not the kind of person who don't sleep at all okay haha I still manage to get 5-7 hours of sleep, blessed enough. >:D< Sometimes I forget that I'm loved. I now appreciate what other people do to me especially my family and friends. I promise to be a really good person this time. I don't want to grow up and finish college telling myself all the time to be perfect. All I want to learn is to be happy everytime I live and love the people around me. Everybody should be happy and yup, it's so nice to be happy like what Alexia's songs telling me. Whenever I think of happiness all I can see are my family, friends, summer & vacations and my dreams. I won't give up to my dreams, not at all. I'm pretty much serious to fulfill my skyscrappers imagination in China, Japan and New York. Nasdaq and nikkei stock exchange! Hahaha! Geek ko na ata ulol hahahaha be happy talaga everyone :) 

Patricia <3