Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Open Arms for June

I waited for the rain and it fell out. I've watched for the flower to
bloom, the rocks to form and ants to climb. I suffered from death but the hope of tomorrow came out. I witnessed relationships broke up in corners of the street  while walking. The bus is moving while I'm seeing the blurry shades of trees in the highway. Now, I'm ready to listen in the melancholic stories again with the twist of escaping my comfort zone. Charot lang guys hahahaha. Omg. I really don't know how will I start a blogpost anymore. It's been ages since I had one, grabe lang! Hahaha. =))) Kamusta kayo.  :D 

1. School will start on next Monday, June 9.
  Say hello to my force favored schedule, 12 Pm to 5pm. HAHA. I wanted it to be 7-12pm so that I could still catch up with the heirs :( What a great reason tho. Haha. Pm session is not a healthy schedule too. Acceptance... 
2. Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Math of investment and Basic Finance. 
Goodluck for me. Goodluck for 2nd year. It's the main battle of the year. Magkakaalaman na sa quali. Hardwork and prayers.
3. Dream catcher
I want one. Lately, I've been losing sleep. HAHAHA. I've been dreaming of crazy things. If my dreams will always be seeing Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, I wouldn't mind waking up. HAHAHA
4. Who wants a house and lot for personal use or investment? Contact 0915.388.5056 :)
5. Rainy season
Let it rain. Let it rain (but not hard ). Let there be cancellation of classes, cozy books and fuzzy socks. 
6. Soju drinks or something in Pink bottles with karaoke 
Friends, lets go!!! :( :( 
7. Desired backpack bag 
I already checked out some but I'm still hesitating. I'm actually looking for something that's worth it and someone who will be there forever. HAHA. Joke. Omg. I mean something that's close to my saved pictures! It looks like a high school bag in animes or in middle school. I can't share the picture because I'm greedy. Sometimes you have to keep secrets in order to succeed. Haha. Sns!!

There! :) I missed blogging!!! I think it's a dry run for my coming long hiatus soon :( I'll be super active again if my left foot is finally okay, new set of clothes and available free time. Have a great start of June. Inject good vibes! Spread love. Forgive people. Be fearless. Take a breathe.  Learn from your mistakes. Accept challenges. Smile. We're not getting any younger of this second. Thanks for dropping by!! Enjoy life with Goya. Charot. Laging maexcite pero wag mag expect and assume. Big word. :)