Friday, 27 June 2014

Chanel means white

  It's always been a dream for me to wear an all white ootd. Too bad I don't have a white bag so I opted to my black backpack. From the past years of blogging, I've been searching for my fashion identity and I must say that I finally found it. I'm not going to tell it. :P I will just let my readers notice it. It will be a shame on my part if I tell it here and some of you don't agree. Lol. I also found my dream white shoes on an online shop. I swear, it's the best shoes a girl can own. :( I have a different taste when it comes to shoes actually. I like exotic pairs, something that a girl can't easily pull off in the runway streets I guess. I just had a haircut and it feels like long again. Stop growing fast :( It's one of the things I learned this time. Don't rush things. Enjoy, savor and grasp every moment of being. Everything will fall into places as soon as we realize them. I hope you like my blog. Thanks for dropping by :)

Patricia <3