Monday, 21 July 2014

Royal Prints


    Today, I'm gonna blog something sad just to release everything I feel. We come to the point in our lives where we meet a blessing in disguise and treat it in an awkward way because of the fear from within. For the longest time, you tortured yourself from the most painful choice of pushing away people. You said it will be the last time of being wrong. You woke up hoping for better days. As you see the burning light of tomorrow, you hug the world again. Just when you thought that you're still damned from the past. You didn't give it a try. You let it go. You got scared that it won't work at all. You rejected the happiness, again. It was you who made things worse before so do history repeats itself. You gave it to others whom you know will love and take care of it even though you know in yourself that you're the only creature who can give the best shot out of love. No matter how old the saying you're happy as long as it's happy, it never died. You know what's the most stupid decision you can do? Giving up something you've been wanting to have and just for a little complication, you think of being weak and crazily comes up of setting things free. In a minute of saying yes is like a blink of an eye of "aye, it's now yours." You thought it's alright and eventually you'll move on but how on Earth is getting heartbroken and crying from the most sincere piece of your human being is okay? I realized, no matter how fucking the situation is, it will always be myself who is responsible for being happy and the opposite. Sometimes we chose to be happy but for the masochists, sadness is always an option. I'm sad because I felt a thing died in my heart. I gave a pet to people I know who deserve and will provide the best of love for Kendoll. I didn't cry because it's a decision that I made. It's my first time to name a pet so I'm kinda emotional. Lol. It's not yet the end of the world because I can see him ( Kendoll is a baby boy puppy ) whenever I want to. It's just that he now lives kilometers away from me. I'm gonna miss you Kendoll. I can't wait to see you again! I love you Kendoll my first baby boy! ( Readers will be like "Wtf is wrong with Patrice for blogging something that's like love and gosh, it's just a dog! Holy crap!" Hahaha! Well, I wrote it for double purposes! :D ) Pahabol realization, I guess I'm not yet ready to have my own pet because I can't even handle myself! Hahaha. I feel so busy too like I don't have any time for it. Arte no? Dinaig ko pa si Queen B! I can compare it to love because there are people who aren't ready to love. Basta. I mean we are all busy but it will always be our choice if we're going to make a room for it. Parang sa love, kung mahal mo talaga hindi mo papakawalan kaso pinakawalan mo kaya boom, hindi mo talaga love. Sad story? Yes pero ganoon talaga ang buhay. Mahirap tulad ng accounting. Yan ang accounting, mas natatauhan ka sa lessons kapag nirerelate sa love. Parang cost principle, dapat sa original cost nirerecord pero pwede rin na mabago dahil ng depreciation, write off or pwedeng maconvert sa raw materials into finished goods para mas productive. Depende yun basta sa ikakabuti ng economic decision making para sa entity. :) Eh grabe naman kase ang mga tao ngayon. Random people are asking me about my course and one of the scary part? Quali. Una yung smart personnel. Padalawa yung teller sa bpi. Aga nyo po manakot. Asa pa namang sumuko ako. Salamat sa pagremind strangers. Goodbye! Thanks for dropping by!

P.S. This is  a super late post. Somebody help me to fix my laptop. Bakit kapag nag uupload ako sa blogger nawawalan ng connection? Kailangan ko ba ng adobe or what? Ayoko talaga ng computer stuff. Nakakaasar. Haha. Thankyou!
Patricia <3