Tuesday, 4 February 2014


  Holla! I can't believe how everything's instant today! Next week is our semi finals already. I don't know what to do. I have so much things to accomplish and work on yet i'm here squeezing from stress and pressure. WOAH. Why. Anyway, this is a late post from Saturday's usual look. I felt to wear something laid back ( when we say laid back you have to check the dictionary, don't be lazy okay. Haha just kidding. It means comfy and lazy. There you go! ) . I also remembered the top I' wearing from the old literature movies I've watched before about Medieval, Elizabethan and etc. We all have these days where we feel tired and just want to relax from worries so we prolly opt for laid back ootds, right? :)

The one that got away

  Imagine what could happen if you weren't afraid? Do you still recall the number of no's you answered in different questions of situations? Look into my eyes and tell me that you're over from your wrong choices in life. Don't shed a tear, promise me.
  There are nights I always think of things I let go without realizing how it's important before. We all have those "The one that got away" moments in our lives. It can be someone ( aw), opportunities ( too bad), money ( so much pain in the ass ) or even that flappy bird medal because we bumped so hard at the freaking pipes ( anyone? ). But I suddenly came into my pretentious anticipations that never leave. Those horrible what if's and buts like they never stop hunting me since. I've always thought of the one that got away as to cute guys I always see whenever I'm with my mother but I was really that wrong. A day won't be enough for me to tell my own story of wrong choices in life. I'm a guilty color blind person. People see me as a die hard fashion enthusiast who knows the best picks. That's crazy. I'm not even good to criticize what's nice between colored jeans and the like. I will never be enough from high expectations of people and most especially-- myself. I easily give up from things I find hard. I don't try so much. I don't fight because I'm not strong at all. I mastered the art of silence but it doesn't mean I didn't notice. Come to think of the wrong formula you used from an annoying Physics problem before. That was one of the time I thought I will be dead for the rest of my life. I'm a kind of student who doesn't follow the directions so I get to obtain half point and worst? No point in the first place. What I tell myself after? I deserve this. I deserve to be hurt. I deserve to be wrong. I deserve to be frustrated. In the end? I deserve to be taught. You can't move on from the things you just get passed. It will take time for you to realize what's the good purpose of it. Life will always be like this and so be it. Think of what are your priorities today. Look into your notes and reminders in your phone. So, are you down with your current thing? Do you see yourself telling, sayang once again? As much as possible, don't let it go that way. No more the one that got away, work and strive for it this time!

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Patricia <3