Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Because too bad, I'm slowly losing my faith in love.

  WOAH! After 4 days of suffering of avoiding social media, semi finals are over! Hahaha. I think it's the most effective way to have good grades ( pero wala pang results, lakas maka-expect! ) and others-- stay out of the internet as much as you can. I haven't seen my scores but I knew in myself that I did my very best. I realized that I'm not that slow or something, it's in the study habits talaga. I learned my lesson. I promise not to be that unmotivated for the coming days, months and years of my life. Haha. So this is a late post, as usual, you know people who are in a corporate world have so much things to do and the like... HAHAHAHA. Don't get me wrong. This is my way of thinking, in real life, yes. Imagine, it's New York Fashion Week and I'm not there. :( But thank God, youtube and instagram videos are just one click away and feels like I'm just sitting in that dreamy chair watching those faggot models who don't eat at all that's why they have that kind of body. Bitter, bae. :))

  Thankyou for dropping by! Please try to visit  https://www.facebook.com/sweettemptationsco for Japan chocolates. You will surely love it. Just text or message me in fb or viber! So here's my cold Valentine treat for those sobbing from heartbreaks or whatever. Hahaha. Stay tuned for my next treat in Friday! Stay inlove to those who are! <3

Because too bad, I'm slowly losing my faith in love. 

My grandmother told me, "Because isn't a good start in answering a why question. Start with a complete sentence first."
I didn't obey her for the second time.
I will never be enough for others,
I always look forward on everydays
From the sun rays kissing my forehead
Along my favorite calm road in a train
What if's and buts,
While my melancholic playlist keeps spinning.
I'm not sort of Taylor Swift in expressing my real feelings,
" I do recall now the smell of the rain " , she sings
Forever alone must be true! 
The same old tired places that I've been
Reaching home,
Feeling sick of your love. 
Fuck, I'm not good at this! 
When will I get better?
Time is everything,
Because too bad, I'm slowly losing my faith in love.

Patricia <3