Friday, 28 February 2014

Last Friday Night

  Tony and Jackey has been one of the best salon I've ever tried to. This is just my second time on their salon. I don't really spend so much because I've always been the 2nd kuripot person in the world ( because Dad's the number one! Haha ) so fortunately, thank God promo sale was invented. From 7000 pesos it marked down to 3100 pesos and I solemnly promise every skipped meals were worth it! Tiis ganda moments be like. Haha. If you're going to visit Tony and Jackey, I suggest you to go to Ms. Cathy because she's nice and pro. I also love her assistant because she's so conversational. Since it's a Korean salon, I really like their music stuff playing because it's Korean!!! Haha. All I can understand is Saranghae hahaha. I was with my friends too! Clarissa got her hair into a digi perm. Yay! Thank you, Bangs Tony and Jackey! See you next year :)