Friday, 21 February 2014

That moment when I realize...

  WOAH. HELLO EVERYONE! I'm so back like sexy back! LOL. I won't write about something fashy this time because I didn't get the chance to take photos last time, I wasn't with my mom! *Cries*. 
 I'm the kind of person who will forever write everything whenever happy or sad. I'm happy so I will write a lot. There are nights my brain and I argue. Brain and Me convo be like-- Me: Let me sleep Brain: No, let's stay awake and think of the bad decisions you made in your life Me: Okay. TBH, yes. 

(c) Accountancy Problems

1.  I can get 98% or 63/65 in an accounting major exam

  I WAS TOTALLY ASJDHKFKFFKKFJF when I receive my paper like sfkdghgg *collapse* Oa to be true. I was so speechless that time even now. In my heart, all my veins and arteries are screaming of so much happiness!! Until now!!! I know I'm not gonna forget this forever. Even if I die, I really won't. :) I won't also forget those sleepless nights studying, thinking of the possibilities and yes... crying. Mga araw na nagbrebreak down ako sa takot kung paano at ano yung napapashet ka na lang talaga? HAHAHA. I never got something 90 since I took this course. I thought I wasn't born for this. I thought of giving up for seconds pero di ko talaga ma-imagine kung paano pa ako sasaya kung hindi lang rin naman ako magiging accountant. I don't like this to sound dramatic but this is my blog so I'm the Queen B. HAHAHA. Lahat pala talaga ng bagay pag pinaghirapan mo, worth it. This is just a short-term goal and feels like I won the lottery! My grades are so low from the previous exams so I'm running for bigtime scores kaya may panata ako na dapat perfect talaga kahit sobrang impossible kasi hindi naman ako matalino. I'm just a small town girl... living in a lonely world... HAHAHA I don't think of "I could have been better from the start, duh!" I think I wouldn't learn my lesson. It's true. God has his own purpose. I'm not expecting for finals but I have proven that hindi mo masasabing ginawa mo ang best mo kung nahirapan ka sa test. Hindi lahat ng nag-aral ay ginawa yung best. Sa accounting, hindi lang dapat 2 times or 5 times. Dapat 10 times talaga! Ako kasi yung type ng student na naiyak habang nag-aaral. LOL. I'm proud :) So I just realized, I wouldn't mind my tears if it's for accounting anyway. <3 Why is that so. I blogged this already in my tumblr but I can't control to use my tumblr thoughts here just to show everything that I feel!!! Yay. So whether studies or not, we have to be motivated and determined as much as possible. Iba pa rin talaga pag alam mong pinagpuyatan, iniyakan, pinagka-stressan, pinagpawisan at pinaghirapan mo ang mga bagay bagay. Priceless. Go lang ng go! Challenge accepted! Fight! 

2. Acoustic guy versions are the best things to listen 
So true. I find it so relaxing. My always favorites? I'll be, Passenger Seat, You're still the one and I think I have a new one in my playlist, It will rain! Haha.

3. Sleep sleep sleep
  I've been wtf-ing sleep recently so this time, yes. I need to force myself this time by atleast 9:30 i'm on my bed already. My cells need to regenerate that hard I guess. Health is wealth after all. 

4.  Annual palit balat lol
  This is so weird pero wala lang! Lagi na lang! Yung palms ko! Always and forever!! Basta nag half way February to March, nagpapalit balat na ako. I don't know if it's positive or not kakainis naman kasi yung mga tingin ng tingin. I will get the freak in your eyeballs, err. HAHAHA. I'm the long lost immortal :(( =)))

5. Eyes 
  I think everyone's attracted to people who have cute eyes. Imagine how inspiring is Ryan Gosling ay rhyming! haha Lucky Emma Stone!

6. Mom is the most patient person in the world
 Yes. Even if I'm so lazy and all yes yes yes. Mom's the best <3

7. I still haven't seen the house of my tumblr crush haha
  Just visit his tumblr and you will see the best blog ever. Haha. He's one of the top bloggers in the Philippines too! I was surprised that we're living in the same place and street. I still haven't seen him here. WOAH. I don't know what will I do if I see him here if I will ask for a selfie or what. I sometimes see him in SM but I'm with my mom so he will be my better luck next time or the one that got away! Plus he's also a registered engineer and cute and okay I will stop haha

8. Monie's jokes are the funniest
  Hahaha until now!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Okay you better add her (?) on facebook. If you haven't met her (?) I feel bad for you!! I can still imagine our last conversation awhile ago! We're like crazy people inside the jeep, duh! Hahahhahaha.

Thank you Lord for all the good things. 

Patricia <3