Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Denim Jacket on Summer

  I'm so happy because I checked our big box of clothes and found this old denim jacket of my mom. I think this is now my new obsession-- Denim Jacket. I'm obsess to it like I wore it even if the sun shines so bright and summer is in the air. I don't care like I usually do. :) This is my sense of style. NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM WEARING STUFF I FIND MY OWN VERSION OF COMFORT AND SATISFACTION. Haha. I've always been a hater of others when I see them on streets or wherever like when will I feel gone are the days of skater skirts. I will support this style movement if Candice Swanopoel, Cara Delevingne, Behati Prinsloo and Chiarra Feragni do. I planned this blogpost to talk about hates but I  decided not to continue it because this is a sin. I just shared a simple example of it so yeah, skater skirts! I don't know if I'm just bitter because I don't have or something. I think it's more on something! HAHAHA. Thanks for dropping by! Happy March all the way! Few more days till my birthday. Sizes are 9 ( normal shoesize ) > 7 ( American Size ), Medium and waistline: 27! I accept cash too! Just ask me in facebook my account number. Hahaha! Joke! But jokes are half meants right? Kayo na bahala kung ano talaga. Salamat! I'm just making you smile! Haha. Enjoy life because like what I'm always telling you guys, we aren't getting younger any of this second! I just came from school and coliseum (outside) to welcome ( welcome talaga?! ) I mean we waited for the star magic artists with my friends and I swear it was one of the best days of our lives because it's so funny and yeah, cutie guys!! I got to see each of them! I couldn't believe it they're just riding a bus and Nash being the pa-Vip is separated! Bet ko si Marco, Jairus and Nash. No to Jon Lucas or whoever he is. Such a no-no. But others were great and nice.  It made me wish to be in highschool again! SBC, you're the still the best! :D

Patricia <3