Sunday, 9 March 2014

Perks of being 16


 Finals is weeks away. We are bombarded with a lot of tasks to accomplish. This only means a hardcore study in Accounting again. I have to do some rituals again for the very last time of the term. I can't wait for vacation because I know there's so much stored this April! Yes, and two more days till I turn 17! So, I just realized a topic to post here! Yeah right at this very moment! :)

Perks of being 16

1. Health is wealth as always. I realize that we're not kids anymore to be this careless. God gave this human body in order to take care of it so yes, life. Thankyou Lord!

2. This is the time you'll realize what's your purpose in this world. So I have set my priorities in order through writing it in my vintage notebook. Like what I always say, I will never trade my birth right. Even though it's quite pressuring or something, I find it a privilege. Mas masarap pa ding panganay. Haha! 

3. This is one of the crucial year for a teen because it's time for choosing the right course. I really had a hard time but it doesn't matter because I know in myself that I chose the right thing. My advice to senior students, hahaha. This is the time you'll take a lot of selfies with your circle so dapat I just wanna feel this moment lang lagi. Maghihiwalay at maghihiwalay din kayong lahat. Haha. My advice to those who will take accountancy, nice choice. Pero ang hirap talaga promise. This is the course you'll lose your trust to mental skills. You will depend to your only bestfriend, calculator! Pero para sa akin, ayos lang na maghirap dahil iba yung feels kapag willing ka naman. 

4. I'm still single and not double. Don't get me wrong but yessss. I'll have my own version of #TeamKramer as soon as I own an estate in Florida, USA! Yeah, serious. Which I expect a very long battle to fight. Please blame my hollywoood idols. 

5.  This is the time you'll be wise on your money. I don't spend that much as long as I know it's sulit. I have a small business, SWEETTTEMPTATIONS! It's still available. Just pm me whenever you have the money. Hihi. I give a very very mark down price, just tell me what do you like to happen. HAHAHA. Right now, I'm still thinking for a bigger one. I just have to wait for my Dad's pat on my shoulders as a sign of you-can-go and-fly-with-your-wings-baby!

6. FRIENDS ARE THE BEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. That moment when you met a barkada you're safe to say forever!!!!!!!! You know who you are guys.  <3

7. Lastly, I learned how to style jeans. I am a dressy lady before but college taught me how to manipulate my closet. My style has really evolved since the very first time. What's written in March Candymag issue is so true. Pisces style is all about basics and classics. Could you imagine my so-true nods to it? I'm so grateful of myself  ( somehow haha ) because I didn't expect myself like this last year. Another year to discover and explore. Bye sweet 16! :( Hello 17, my favorite number before because I don't know. It's cute. :D Long live March people! Hehehe. Daming celebs kong kasabay. Alam nyo na ba gusto ko iparating? Oops. Di ah. Wait, pa-birthday nyo na! HAHAHA.

Patricia <3