Thursday, 24 September 2015

Rosegold my love

            I always tell that gray is my favorite color but I believe that rose gold is the one that's destined for me. Why? I formulated that theory when I bought my dream watch. When I saw this rose gold watch, I immediately pulled my Dad to the watch cabinet. Hello Papa, I love you! I know you're reading this! See you soon! There's a gray color but it's digital. After a month, there goes the color that I've been waiting for. If only I can trade it to someone who's willing. That's how the rose gold theory came to itself.

 (c) Mamang Monie, thank you bes for taking good photos of mine!

       Three years ago, I wrote on my blog some of my dream destinations before I reach 30 and I think it's a good motivation aside from whenever I take the test especially accounting, I tell myself, " 1 mistake is equivalent to 1 loss of Prada bag..." so that I will aim for the best. As I grow up, my perspective about travelling has truly changed. 

1. DUBAI DUBAI DUBAI ( It will be the easiest place to live/ travel in because I have long list of people as my tour guide. Hello Papa, Tita Tess, Tito Jerome and Tita Angel ( Basty and Aj my babies!!!!! ) and Ate Cham cham. Hello! )

2.  USA!!!!!!!!! ( where I have lots of readers in my blog. Same reason as #1, hello Tita Grace, Tita Claribel and Tita Beth and cousins!)

3. London, UK ( When I entered High School, I learned to love English so much. I can't recall a line of 8 grade tho???? :) Para di na ako magyabang, ask nyo na lang grade ko sa Management Accounting. Yan, nahihiya na ako. Okay na guys! AHHHAHAHAHAH!! That's so opposite in college, well, in college, you have to work hard for your grades. Nothing is easy. Shout out to my literature subject before! I would love to watch medieval settings and a lot of castles and palace again. <3

4. Vigan, Ilocos Sur ( I remembered my college interview before in ust, I expected that question already, one of my skills is to expect such questions, except in accounting huhu  "What's your dream place here in the country?" I answered, "Vigan , Ilocos Sur." Him: Why? Me: I would love to see the Bangui Windmills because it generates electric power that supplies the region. Him: How did you know? Me: I'm an avid fan of it. I realized that maybe he knew that I'm prepared to the question because it's so science-y that's why he asked. Lol!!!!!!! I don't know how to compose myself a good reason so I thought of a closed answer. HAHAHAHA! Well, still thanks to my speech subject in 4th year high school because the teacher taught us already the do's and dont's in an interview. I'm not saying that I'm good in English, I only like it so much because my alma mater taught me of it. Thanks to St. Bridget College. )

5. Bali, Indonesia ( I don't appreciate beaches before but thanks to the best barkada in college for introducing me to it. I always tell my friends that I can imagine all of us living in a place, working in the same company, eating in the same table, giggling before going to sleep and etc. For now, we'll spend our vacations in Batangas to explore our very own. Someday, for the youdabest friendship goals! )

Top: Old Navy; Leggings: Forever21; Shoes: Nike; RuckSack Bag: From an online shop. I forgot the name! The reason for buying that is my addiction to Park Shin Hye of The Heirs kdrama. Haaay! Mamang Monie is right. How can I save money when everything's my favorite? HAHAHA!

 With love,
 Patricia <3