Sunday, 25 October 2015

The secret recipe to Bully Friends Squad

We have done a lot of this since we met each other. There will always be untold stories that will remain to those who are involved. HAHAHA. It's not what you think. But there are times but those are rare. Lol. I will be forever proud of those clever ideas that I was part of. What you see, what you hear, when you leave, leave it there. :) 

2. Management 
This is not only a subject from our course but also a doing in our friendship. I first salute our leader, Almira. She's always there to know, understand and think of the solution. She'll never let a time pass by without fixing things in order. Not also the leader but everyone of us. We are all in charge of everyone's responsibilities and stuff.

3. Acceptance & Patience 
We have different personalities that's why I think we are fun. They say you have to share the same interest for people to get along but we aren't that much. I've learned to accept my own flaws because of them. I also realized how patient they are to me. HAHAHA. Maybe all of you think how much I could be the most pasaway friend in our group. Well, I think so 😭 Ako lagi mareklamo. Especially on sleep overs, most of the time I get the best position in bed and leave some of them sleeping on the floor. I never even thought of the house owner. Hahaha! Basta lahat kami ay totoo, kung mahal naman namin ang isa't isa eh. Wala namang mawawala kung magpapakatotoo.

4. Prepare for a lot of contributions > Money 
 Since we are accountancy students, it's automatic that we have to divide everything immediately. Lol

5. Talk that talk 
This friendship is like a boyfriend / girlfriend relationship where communication is a must. We have our regular forum para healthy. I will always treasure the lahat-kami-iiyak-bago-magsimula-to-study.

6. You need to be foodie 
We love eating together and yes forever.

7. Lastly, you gotta show and express your unconditional love to everyone. Whoever, Whatever, Wherever makes them happy, makes us happy too. I love you guys! I love you always! I love you :) Again, thank you Bes Mattiaz for this one of a hell get away! Where do we go next? :)

With Love,
Patricia <3