Friday, 18 September 2015

H&M A/W Launch Party

     Last September 9, I received two exclusive invites from H&M Philippines for the launch part of A/W season held at SM Megamall. I've always been a fan of H&M since they opened their flagship store in Ortigas. The event is a breakfast shopping which offered a sale of purchasing a piece from their A/W season of style and you'll get a 20% discount on the second item that you will buy!

       I brought my soul sister in this event, presenting, Ms. CABEIHM 4th runner up, one of the people who's part of the half of my heart, who will always be there to go with me WHENEVER, WHEREVER AND WHATEVER! "Girl, grabe pwede ka bukas? Nalulungkot ako, di ko kaya na di makuha yung planner ng sb, makabili or makapunta chuchuchcuhcuchcuchcu :(" Joice be like, " *Cries harder* Waaaaa! Sige G!" Thanks Joice for always being there since from the start. We share the same interest and dreams in life that's why we really clicked to our ideas and life stories. Thank you and won't let this drama goes way long. Love you girl! :) Again, thank you H&M Philippines for the 2 exclusive invites from the A/W launch party!!!! I'd love to comeback over and over again for the upcoming events! Visit www.facebook/HM for more updates!