Friday, 12 September 2014

Personal Taste

         You guys won't believe this. I think I officially converted myself to this kdrama sensation. I don't know what to do because it's really bothering my studies and my eyebags as well. HAHA. I feel bad that I ditched instagram, tumblr and other microblogging things for this new addiction. I was regretting back in my high school years... I found myself saying, "I'm missing half of my life back then. Where were I?! I wish I watched these old kdramas of lee min ho years earlier. :(" So, as usual I'm here to express my realizations again about love stuff. Lol.


I'm so attracted to people who are funny. I got to relate with the main girl in this story because back then I was like her. HAHAHA. I was that kind of girl who's really annoying to someone. I used to bog someone about everything and talk of pure non sense things. I used to ask, "Give me a joke. Pretty please." Then they won't give you at first but in the end you'll win over it. I even received that they don't want to give a joke because I'll just laugh at them. Hahaha! That was way even funnier.  Park Gae In asked Jeon Jin Ho to give her a sample of joke. Jin Ho doesn't know anything that's why he asked his friends to give him some and immediately called Gae In to tell it! Imagine. If all guys are like this, there would be no girl who will feel sad in this lonely place on Earth! Haha. It's just too sweet! <3 I laughed a lot from this drama because the girl in the story is really crazy! Crazier than Cheon Song Yi!

When he dries your hair. Inlove level 999!

When a guy buys napkin for ya

I know to other couple this is already normal but ya! Jeon Jin Ho is so cute at this point!!!! You know it's love when people do embarrassing things in public just for you!!!! That's really sweet! He bought napkin in front of high school girls hahahaha really funny and cute!

Watch from afar

They got to a point where they had to break up because of complicated things that I won't tell because it's a must watch!! I remembered the Filipino movie version of this episode where Popoy still go to Basha's house just to see her from afar. Jeon Jin Ho did the same thing. I don't understand why do guys make things complicated when they really love the girl naman. Well, we can't blame them because they own their feelings. Sometimes, we need to make wrong decisions and stare from emptiness as our world fall apart to be able to find courage to find love again. :) 

tool > love

The best ingredient for success is totally love. I was really touched when Jeon Jin Ho created his own design for the Dam Project. Gae In gave her a gift before which he used as the inspiration for the project. I also liked two parts where they finally admitted their feelings and maked up again because both of them go to their work happily and spread good vibes to their friends. You know when you're inlove, things fall in good places and everything that happens to you are perfect. That feeling is the best. 

Believe in yourself

Jeon Jin Ho showed a lot of braveness till the very end. Even though there are people who make things worse for him, still he did his very best because of his goal. It will come to our lives where giving up is the last option but there will always be that hope for better days. Success is for the people who never stopped trying. Giving up is for the weak souls. Weak souls don't believe to dreams. Dreams will always take us to what we deserve in the future.

Just anything he'll do for you

Ugh, when I get a lovelife in the coming years, I'll force my Jeon Jin Ho to do this with me. I think I have the same dress with this photo! So I think, I'll be forcing this future guy to wear the same thing! HAHAHA. THIS IS SO CUTE. I think every couple in the world should do this. I think so, yas, definitely! He also proposed at the park! What I learned is never propose to a girl using a balloon and have that ring tied with the strings, guys such a big no!!!! LOL! I rank this as the 2nd epic fail sa pagpropropose! The first one is from the Pinoy movie I've watched before! Nagpropose yung guy sa may flashing billboard, eh napuwing yung girl! Boom sayang sa pera! Hahaha! While this one is hell of proposal too! Hindi na naisip ni Jeon Jin Ho na sa pagkashock ni girl ay baka mabitawan yung balloon tapos lumipad?! Anyway, they're still lucky kase mababa yung tree! So nagpakahirap sila sa pag-abot! Hahaha! Epic fail pa rin till the end yung dalawa! =)))

Patricia <3