Friday, 15 August 2014

If there's a will, there's a way!

Top: Penshoppe; Jeans: Esprit; Rucksack bag: Online shop; Sneakers: Reebok

      What do you do when you face challenges? I'm the type of person who can't pretend that I'm fine about it but what the hell I'm so not gonna be happy about what's going. What I automatically do is to tweet my rants in twitter all day and yeah, all night. But what I make sure to myself is to have a good cry about it :) I usually cry every night... My bedroom's wall is my witness. After that, I tell myself, "Tama na ang pagpaparaya. From now on, this will be the best version of myself, tang ina di ako papayag na mababa score ko!! Wag nyo akong ginagago!" HAHAHA. I remembered my adviser's story in fourth year. There's this aspring priest who's not good in studying. Every aspring priest will go to Rome and the examiner will just flip the bible and he'll just say the number verse and examinees are entitled to tell the whole story and so on. Since the aspiring priest knows one story only ( I forgot what exactly it is ), luckily the examiner has turned the pages at the only verse he knows. The main point is if you're destined of what will you do in the future, God will provide. God will always be there to help and enlightened our minds. God will never leave us. Everything's gonna be okay. Just put your trust and faith in him. I think of teamwork with God, I will do my best and he will just guide me whenever. :D Here's what I wore last time when we went to Calamba. This is actually a late post because I stopped using some of my SNS accounts because of midterms. I just had the worst exam in my life, Financial Accounting. Number 1 is hell till the last number. It's not even a test, it's hell. I repeat, it's hell!!!! T_T If there's a will, there's a way , right?

Patricia <3