Saturday, 16 August 2014

14 reasons why you'll love City Hunter

       Hi guys, it's a tradition here in ny blog to make drama emote from the Kdramas I've just addicted to. I had to this so one day when I grow old, I just have to take a look from my old blogposts and reminisce about the goodtimes. One of the reasons why I didn't stop blogging. :)  How will I start?!! Can I just scream first??? Woahhhhh. This is the best kdrama for me so far. I just discovered my hidden love for actions in movies and tv series. Yay. I'm so inlove with Lee Min Ho to the point that I bought a shirt from Bench because "LMH" is printed in it despite of my overloaded personal accounts payable. Haha!! I swear guys, this is the only kdrama that made me cry so hard from the first episode till the very last. Anyways, I will elaborate all the things I want to share. :) 

1. Chanel bath and body wash gel
  Lee Yoon Sung is so rich that all of his clothes are from French brands and yeah, he uses chanel bath and body wash gel.  MEGA DROOLS. IKR!! Talk about turn on!!! 

2. Blood while holding Nana
  He was too weak yet he still managed to save the love of his life like always. I can still imagine the blood that shed from his hands while lifting Kim Nana from the building. :( 

3. Actionnnnnn ❤️
I'm this kind of person who is gigil kapag may bakbakan! Most of the time I do scream and kick my bed while watching!! Yay!!! Pero I was super moved when Kim Nana shot Lee Yoon Sung shi because she's an agent to protect the politicians. Why is love so powerful that you have to take the fucking shotgun out of it?

4. Playboy but there's a reason haha ehem. LOOK AT THAT FACE! OMG. Haha okay I've always been curious about guys who are like this. But for me, saka ka lang magpaka play boy kung kamukha mo na si Lee Min Ho or atleast si Zac Efron. HAHAHA. Please don't judge that I'm into rumored bisexual guys. I've dated both of them it's just that they don't know my existence. :( 

5. Revenge isnt good at all
THERE'S A LOT OF TWIST IN THIS KDRAMA THAT MAKES ME THINK SO HARD. I somehow claim that I did develop my iq skills from this kdrama :) No lies! *Dami mong alam, Patrice. Haha*

6. Related to my course
Lee Yoon Sung shi is an IT EXPERT. He's good in hacking websites to find the  cash flows statements and financial position of a company. Yay!!! I'm inspired even more! Lee Min Ho, who's your cpa in real life, I volunteer in the future without paying me in return. OMG YES!! :D

7. Kim Nana Tester make up haha
I literally laugh at this scene! She went to a korean beauty shop to groom herself using the testers because he's going to see Lee Yoon Sung! Don't ignore girl's little efforts. Hihihi. <3

8. The strength of love gives...
There's a lot struggles for the role of Lee Min Ho here. I admire how strong he is. Even if he's already showering in his own blood, when he sees the pain of his loved ones, it's like nothing from the scars he had before. I can't imagine pulling a gun shot inside his skin or whatever. Basta! Grabe ang sakit nun. Naalala ko noong nagkasugat ako na sobrang lalim, feeling ko mamamatay na agad ako! Wow! He can do things which are impossible but if it's the name of    love, mission accomplished! 

9. I'm that one music on repeat person lol 

Download "Suddenly" by Kim
Bo Kyung! It's now my favorite song =) I always have this extra love for musics which intros are like fame by the script or basta I can't really explain the tune but it's too perfect in my ears. Not sure if I played this 1000 times or more? >:)< 

10. Partner in action
I like the idea of fighting the challenges together but literally?! How cool is that. Alam nyo yun, parehas at sabay kayong lumalaban para sa isa't isa? Hay, *walks away* *regrets for not pursuing karate back then* *I should have been inlove with someone who's like the city hunter and playing the role of Kim Nana as an agent as well. So much regrets haha*

11. Iphone4 hahahaha =))
All of the characters are using IPHONE 4! I'm so happy because my phone can relate! I wish I was there! Hahaha. I can still remember back in third year high school when abs cbn released this kdrama. I hate myself for not watching it that time. You know, I was busy crying for geometry back then too :(( Lol.

12. When they play with your hair and this one is kinda different. <3 
This is definitely one of my favorite part. Hahaha. They're so cute. Nana was injured and since Lee Yoon Sung cares about her hair, he went to clean it. How sweet. I wish all boys are cute like him. HAHAHA.

13. Crying since episode 1 lol

I don't know if I'm being oa myself or I'm just so soft hearted to imagine myself being in that situation. It's too deep. The lessons are so much worth knowing for. I never knew that happens in real life. Now, my curiosity and haunts about the government are back! Ang astig talaga, I have no words to say. This time I'll try to be updated on news article just like before. 


REALLY. I swear. There's no kilig in the ending but it's a happy ending naman. I'm like, "More. More. More!"

You can watch it in Drama Fire I actually didn't plan to watch it because I intended to see Heart strings first! Luckily the cursor brought me here, naks! Who'd have thought. :)) I realized that Lee Min Ho is really hot.  He's too sexy in this kdrama. I wish all boys are born like Lee Min Ho. I want 100 of them for a win win situation. Okay, I'm so obsessed! HAHAHA BUT LEE MIN HO. Woah!!! I'll die for you :(( But seriously, you can't find happiness if there's a part in your heart that aches so badly. You can't carry sadness and revenge for such a long time. It will just be a burden and pain in the ass if we continue to hurt others. Happiness is when you have peace in your heart. Love is when you express your real feelings. "Liking someone is a good thing." This will always be my favorite line here. It's not about getting rejected. It's about getting hurt that's worth the tears. :) 

P.S. I wish that Park Min Young and LMH are still dating </3

Patricia <3